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Do you have the goal of being a Doctor or Pharmacist? Do you want to help as many people as possible? By studying at UNIBE, our students are closer to a future of personal, professional and economic fulfillment.

Some of the many advantages that UNIBE offers to international students are:

Programs that cost 70% less than what you would pay at universities in the United States.
Academic programs that last less than programs in the United States.
You must not do 4 years of pre-medical or 2 years of pre-pharmacy.
You must not take the MCAT or the PCAT.
You can get a federal or private loan.
Our programs are governed by the same standards as universities in the United States

We have a large community of international students and we would like you to have the opportunity to pursue the career you want.

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Our institution uses College Board Search to inform students about our Medicine and Pharmacy Programs. GPA and SAT scores are taken into consideration to evaluate applicants in our university admissions process. All information is handled confidentially by our International Admissions Staff before and after admission has been granted.

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