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Mission Statement

UNIBE’s objetive is to provide responsible and innovative higher education, using the latest academic and technological advances in health sciences, through teaching, to continuously promote the highest academic standards while encouraging the personal, professional and cultural development of our students.

Our Vision and Mission are to train professionals in the health sciences with the highest academic level, with humanistic vision, internationally competitive and committed to their community. Also, we seek to be the leading university in the training of professionals in health sciences in Latin America.

Universidad de Iberoamérica


Our Values are:

Quality Service: to anticipate, recognize and meet the needs of others.
Solidarity: with each other and specially with Costa Rica’s people.
Commitment: believing firmly in the group’s goals.
Leadership: inspiring and guiding groups and individuals.
Teamwork: create group motivation and cooperation to seek common goals, inspiring and guiding groups and individuals.
Reliability: maintain a standard of honesty and integrity, inspiring and guiding groups and individuals.

Students who graduate from UNIBE have strong moral and ethical values which help to ensure that they make a positive difference to the life of patients who approach them for medical assistance.

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Our institution uses College Board Search to inform students about our Medicine and Pharmacy Programs. GPA and SAT scores are taken into consideration to evaluate applicants in our university admissions process. All information is handled confidentially by our International Admissions Staff before and after admission has been granted.

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