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To venture in a university major will always be a challenge, regardless of the area that was chosen. The intellectual demand of higher education is accompanied by great sacrifices, mental, physical and economic. Nonetheless, the voracity for knowledge and the vocational impulse will always be stronger than the obstacles, and those who have a strong conviction in what they wish to accomplish won’t ever desist.

In the case of Medicine, you can assure that the effort is even greater due to the responsibility you aspire to when you wish to be in charge of your patient’s health, and even their lives. Those who are trained in such noble profession can’t stop thinking that every skill and piece of knowledge acquired will give them an instrument to heal or, at least, relieve the sick, always assuming the ethical commitment to do so and guided by the humanism and a selfless desire to use the science for the sake of everyone’s well-being. Having stablished the magnitude of the challenge that the school’s newcomers face, there’s nothing left but to wish them the best in their preparation and later in the exercise as doctors.

Dr. Ricardo Camacho
Dean of the School of Medicine


To train professionals in high level academic medicine, capable of addressing the health of their patients and the community under the commitment of ethical care, based on evidence, working with multidisciplinary teams and willing to innovate through research.


To be a medical school that is distinguished in Costa Rica and in Latin America because of the training of excellent professionals committed to scientific innovations that have an impact on the health problems of our country, and even globally.


Our university encompasses a variety of values that are transmitted to our students, so they will become better individuals with the best care and attention towards their patients.


Profile of the Program

As a graduate in the UNIBE Bachelor of Medicine you will have acquired:

The knowledge to diagnose, forecast and treat the individual, the family and the community.
The skills for providing effective and accurate clinical and surgical help to sick people.
The aptitudes to prevent health problems, through the mastery of epidemiological techniques and continuous professional updating, in the individual, family and community sphere.
Attitudes to manage the doctor-patient relationship in the most humane way.
The values for acting according to the ethical principles that govern the professional performance of the doctor, constantly monitoring their behavior, correctly handling the process of integral rehabilitation and knowing the administrative policy of the Health Sector.
School of Medicine

Why study in UNIBE’S School of Medicine?

Our Medicine program integrates basic and clinical sciences sequentially. It is distinguished by an intense content of exact sciences followed by the sciences dedicated to the structure and function of the human body, namely Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Embryology, Histology and Physiology. With these bases, the student is introduced to clinical sciences in which, through hospital practices, develops skills in obtaining medical history and physical examination in the basic specialties (Surgery, Gynecology / Obstetrics, Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry).

Throughout the plan, there are also several courses to sensitize the student in the field of public health and primary care, always promoting the projection to the community. Finally, and being the research an institutional guideline, the plan includes courses that prepare the student for the methodology of biomedical research, bioethics and even for a final research project, necessary to graduate.

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