Student Life

General Information

The Student Life Department is a liaison office between the university administration and the students. Our goal is to provide programs and services that foster personal experiences developing and preparing our students for a multi-cultural, global society. We encourage all students to engage within the campus life and surrounding communities by offering a variety of programs focused on social and intellectual growth promoting the student’s adaptation and identification with the university.


The Student Life’s Department mission is to achieve effective channels of communication between the student body and the administration.

Student Life Activities

  • Financial Aid Scholarships: Student Life has the possibility of helping national students who need financial support to continue with their studies. Students who wish to apply for a partial scholarship may request at this office a socio-economical study.
  • Employment Opportunities: Student Life constantly assists students in their search for job opportunities through messages posted on our Job Opportunity Board or through our student email. We strongly encourage our students’ professional growth.
  • Housing: Student Life provides different options to students who are in search of a housing facility. Our database includes information on apartments, houses, and rooms for rent located close to the University.
  • University Week: Each year during the second quarter we sponsor workshops, conferences, cultural and sport activities for our student body.
  • Academic and Professional Evaluation of Services: Each quarter the Student Life Department is in charge of organizing the student body evaluations of the administrative staff.
For more information, contact: Rebeca Solorzano: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it