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Migration Requirements

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Migration Requirements

All foreign students must have the Student Temporary Permit (STP) to legally study in Costa Rica.

The student must submit the following documents when enrolling to UNIBE for immigration purposes in Costa Rica:

A request letter from the student to the General Director that indicates the reason for the student to obtain the special category.
Copy of all passport, certified by a lawyer.
Fingerprint Registration at the Ministry of Public Security in the File Police Department fingerprinting.
Consular Inscription from the Embassy of your country located in Costa Rica.
3 photos (2”x 2”) with the name on the back.
Birth Certificate, apostilled or authenticated by Costa Rican Consulate and then presented at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be certificated.
Police Report of Non-delinquency, apostilled or authenticated by the Costa Rican Consulate, then presented at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be certificated. (From U.S.A must be Federal Police Record)
If the student is married must present the Marriage Certificate, apostilled or authenticated by Costa Rican Consulate, then present it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be certificated.
Fill out the Affiliation Form from Costa Rican Migration Office.
UNIBE Certificate stating that the student is currently enrolled or the admission has been accepted.
Certificate showing economic solvency, certified by a public accountant authorized in Costa Rica.
Deposit receipts for 125 colones plus 2.50 colones per page presented in the file.
Deposit Receipts for $200 USD per status change. If the student comes in with Consular Visa does not need to make this deposit.
Once the student is in Costa Rica, has to pay:
$175 USD in a deposit at National Bank of Costa Rica for administrative expenses to Universidad de Iberoamerica Sociedad Anonima. The concept of the transaction will be the name of the student. (First-time enrollment).

$40 USD for each document, in case your country is not part of Apostille Convention.
375 Colones the student has to pay for tax stamps.
675 Colones for tax stamps (If the student consularices any document).
The cost of the consular inscription depends on the country.
$98 USD for the DIMEX (The special category license).
5000 colones each Authentication by UNIBE`s Lawyer.

NOTE: All the documents in languages different than Spanish have to be translated by an Official Translator from the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Costa Rica. (www.rree.go.cr)


If you have any concern, please contact the department of International Relations with Lic. Viviana Sánchez Bravo at vsanchez@unibe.ac.cr,
or call +1 (506) 2240-0400 ext 2105. Fax: (506) 2236-0426

U. S. Financial Aid

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U. S. Financial Aid

Universidad de Iberoamérica has satisfied and qualified the definition of an eligible institution under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA) and the Federal student financial assistance programs (Title IV, HEA programs).

With this standard UNIBE is able to provide the opportunity for students to have Federal and Private Student Aid. NOTE: Medical Program and Nursing Program are excluded from Federal Aid. However, Phycology and Pharmacy are within the scope of the Title IV Eligibility.


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