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UNIBE's campus is located in the northern part of San José, in the city of Tibás, and it is distributed in a 65,000+ square foot area.

In the surroundings, there are plenty of facilities and services that American students can take advantage of, since it is located in a strategic point of Costa Rica's capital, San José. There are many restaurants, shopping centers, theatres, easy-access transportation and more. The university also offers convenient and affordable housing in the area, with a Costa Rican host family.

The campus has modern buildings that are equipped with the highest technology, with the intention offering our students the best world-class education.

Laboratories for anatomy, physiology, microbiology, histology, chemistry and computer science are found in the main building.

In the Schools Building, you get access to NAORI-SECTRA, an ArtificiaI Intelligence tool that helps enhancing your education. You will learn more by observing surgeries and patient treatments around the world.

International Programs

Campus Tour

Come and visit us in Costa Rica! At UNIBE, we will help you prepare everything before your arrival, with accomodation near our facilities and transportation to and from the airport.

We will plan your visit to the campus and, in addition, you will have an afternoon of fun in Costa Rica, where you will get to know iconic places in our capital.

To schedule your appointment, or for more details, contact us at vsanchezm@unibe.ac.cr or call our toll free 1-833-458-4276.

International Programs

International Simulation and Clinical Training Center

Also in the Schools Building, you will improve your skills in a cutting-edge International Simulation and Clinical Training Center (ISCTC).

The ISCTC gives the opportunity to practice on realistic medical simulation dummies, available for medical science with instruments to reproduce the hospital conditions of an intensive care unit, childbirth and gynecological examination room, new born care and pediatrics.

There is also a simulated operating room that features one of the most modern anesthesia machines of the country.

Currently, the ISCTC also has an intensive care unit with the modern Android Meti Man, which is a high-fidelity simulator that allows to witness more than 5 thousand possible clinical scenarios related to various human pathologies, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

It also includes, within the large inventory of phantom inputs of arms and legs for sutures, limbs for venipuncture and blood gas and models for placement of tubes.

International Programs

Neuropsychological Clinic Center

The Neuropsychological Clinic Center has provided its services since 2006, helping many people in its surroundings up to this day.

Their service is offered by a team of professionals who provide private consultation in different areas in psychology, such as psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults, educational psychology, family and couples’ therapy, psychoeducational evaluations, addictions' psychotherapy and neuropsychology, among others.

In addition, our specialists are part of the academic team that teaches at UNIBE’s School of Psychology. They possess a great amount of knowledge and vast experience in their specific fields of study.

International Programs

UNIBE's Clinic

We’re a medical institution with over 15 years of experience taking care of our citizens’ health. In September 2009, we were accredited internationally by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).

Clinica UNIBE has a group of doctors and specialists highly trained and accredited in their areas of expertise. Our facilities are modern and comfortable, so that our patients will feel great in the clinic. It has 3 surgery rooms with high-tech equipment, 8 rooms to guarantee private attention to our patients, waiting rooms, a laboratory, drugstore and a wide parking lot.

Our mission is to provide medical services with excellence and professionalism, with an approach towards satisfying the needs manifested in our target, emphasizing in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, preventive healthcare and social projection.

Our vision is to be the best private entity that provides medical services, characterized by its excellence and professionalism, with an approach towards satisfying our patients’ needs, emphasizing in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, preventive healthcare and social projection.

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