Student Visa

General Information

Requirements for Migration Office.

All Foreign students must have the Student Temporary Permit (STP) to legally study in Costa Rica. 

Students must submit the following documents when enrolling to UNIBE for immigration purposes in Costa Rica:

v  A Letter request to the General Director where indicate the reason for the student to obtain the special category, also indicate occupation, name, date of birth, the arrival date, passport number and expiration date, indicate the time to stay in Costa Rica, the phone number where you receive notifications about your process status (This Letter is by UNIBE)  (Register or Admission)

v  Copy of the complete passport and Certified by a Lawyer.

v  Fingerprint Registration The student must make an appointment at 2586-4147 / 2586-4600, Ministry of Public Security in File Police Department fingerprinting. There fingerprints to check and get the voucher. Address: Opposite the Centro “Comercial del Sur”, Desamparados Road, building with sky blue. Department of fingerprinting is to the right of the chapel. Take with you: A passport and any bill (water, electricity or phone), a passport size photograph.

v  Consular Registration Inscription from the Embassy located in Costa Rica.

v  2 photos (2”X2”) with the name on the back.

v  Birth Certificate, Apostil or authenticated by Costa Rican Consulate and then presented it at the Ministry Foreign Affairs to be certificated.

v   Police Report of Non-delinquency, Apostil or authenticated in the Costa Rican Consulate then presented it at the Ministry Foreign Affairs to be certificated.

v  If the student is married have to present the Marriage Certification, Apostil or authenticated by Costa Rican Consulate then presented it at the Ministry Foreign Affairs to be certificated.

v  Fill out the Affiliation Form from Costa Rican Migration Office.

v  Letter from the Student requesting the Student Temporary Permit (STP) (3.000 cls)

v  Certificate showing economic solvency certified by a public counter authorized. (16.000 cls Aprox)

NOTE:  All the documents in different languages have to be translated by an Official Translator from the Ministry Foreign Affairs in Costa Rica. (

Once the student is in Costa Rica, have to pay:

v  $175 USD for Administrative Expenses at the account number 080-600-309-2 in National Bank (non-refundable) for the Universidad de Iberoamerica Association. The concept of the transaction will be the name of the student. (First time)

v  $200 USD by the Category Change, at the account number 242480-0 in the BCR ( if the student login with the provisional visa haven´t to pay this amount)

v  $40 USD for each document, in case, your country is not part of Apostille Convention.

v  ¢375 Colones the student have to pay for the tax stamps in the account number 2424-80-0 in the BCR

v  ¢675 Colones for tax stamps (If the student consularice any document) in the account number 242480-0 in the BCR

v  The cost of the consular inscription is depend of the Country

v  $98 USD for the DIMEX (The special category license) is at the account number  242480-0 in BCR

v  3000 colones each Authentication by Unibe`s Lawyer..

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