Mission Statement

General Information

At UNIBE, our mission is to provide responsible and innovative higher education using the latest academic and technological advances in health sciences through teaching, research and service for the local, regional and global communities.

Within this frame of thought, the School of Medicine outlines its philosophy and sets its objective of educating a physician who will be dedicated to serve in our continuously developing world and prepared to assume leadership roles in the community.

Our Commitment

  • To provide academic excellence that integrates strong basic sciences, ethical principles, professional standards and outstanding clinical training through specialized medical professionals using the latest academic and technological advances.
  • To provide students with an academically, intellectually stimulating enriched environment to promote the pursuit of their career studies and the scientific and humanitarian practice of medicine.
  • To provide students with the  academic  knowledge and practical training  skills required for diagnosis, patient management, health promotion and disease prevention  that will encourage their desire to provide service and become leaders in medical practice in our community , in the field of education and/or research;
  • To promote interpersonal respect, ethical behavior and professionalism among all.
  • To provide access to international opportunities in different areas of the medical fields.